We are the technology experts

We are the technology experts

We are the technology experts

We are the technology experts

all-in-one IT

Information technology is complex. Often times, mistakes are made, wrong tools are used, IT is underutilized, not utilized correctly, or becomes a burden. Focus on your business and what's important to you...and leave IT to us!

Tex R Us, LLC is a unique local Information Technology company: we offer both "support" services as well as "software development" services. As such, we truly offer full spectrum of technology solutions: locate, install, and support a commercial off-the-shelf system, start with an open-source system (and, perhaps, customize to your needs), if nothing out there matches your needs precisely, then we can create such a system – web, mobile app, offline or online capable, portal style – any flavor you like!As a client of TRU, you will truly be benefiting from all the smart technology available out there today. Technology is just a set of tools, and you want the IT firm that can handle and operate those tools. As a rule, most IT companies do not offer such level of expertise. They specialize in a couple of (usually older, not modern) tools/methods and just sell and support those. Such approach is not fair to you as a client – you want to utilize ALL available modern technology, enjoy its power, capabilities, and features. Do not be limited to "we can support X, Y, and Z" mentality! We are a medium

what we can do for your business

Custom app/web/SaaS

We can co-engineer, co-develop, and support software solutions for your business. These could be mobile apps, web apps, hybrid style apps, cloud apps, SaaS, or traditional offline/online desktop apps.

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TRUCare™ is a 24x7x365 proactive monitoring and support, fixed cost, full IT department outsourced.

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On-demand support

We offer any of our services on T&M (time and materials) basis for ad-hoc work. Be it an occasional need for a network support, a server down issue, help with roll out of a new software and more!

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Full service IT department

We provide a wide range of IT services customized to your needs at an affordable price and work for your business as your IT department. 

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Supplemental IT department

For a medium and large size clients that already have IT departments, we offer project help, remote hands, and specialized expertise. 

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3rd party hardware & software

We are a services oriented organization. We have the ability to obtain pretty much any product for you, but our focus is to keep your essential business operations moving. 

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Large or small conference rooms

Fully equipped professional conference rooms for your presentations, negotiations, trainings and meetings.

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Contact Us

Visit us, give us a call, send us an email, fill out the contact form – whatever works best for you. We are ready to discuss your next project and look forward to hearing from you!

Anchorage Corporate Office

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Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 5pm (please call 907.248.3978 when you arrive, as the outside doors are locked on the weekends)
2525 Blueberry Road, Suite 206, Anchorage, AK 99503
Сorporate: info@texrus.com

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