Custom app/web/SaaS

We can co-engineer, co-develop, and support software solutions for your business. These could be mobile apps, web apps, hybrid style apps, cloud apps, SaaS, or traditional offline/online desktop apps.

We can create products from scratch, based on your vision and ideas, or start with open source “80% there” method and customize to take it to perfection. We have developed such product as Beacon Insight that our clients use as an SaaS offers, as well as built such products ourselves:

  • TRUApp™ Energy (formerly known as Savant App) is an Enterprise Management System, which offers energy produces and supporting industries a smart technology of integrated solutions for all of operational needs.

  • TRUApp™ Services  – a next generation SaaS only mix-n-match integrated yet modular system to manage various aspects of the business and its operations, designed specifically for the Service industry.