TRUCare™ is a 24x7x365 proactive monitoring and support, fixed cost, full IT department outsourced.

Smart businesses realize that technology can be a friend or a foe. You can either embrace it, harness its power, and use it to your advantage, or it can push your business off the path of an evolution. Just look around – all MAJOR companies invest into smart technologies. This is where the world is going and, one way or another, you need to be there. To simply stay competitive, to produce more, to get better contracts, to cut on unneeded expenses, to provide better quality to your customers/clients/patients. With that said, you can dive into the IT world “yourself”, hire IT engineers and risk getting off your real track – whatever is that you do in your business. We offer a better, smarter, more efficient choice. Focus on what you do best and “partner up” with TRU to help you harness and use the smart technology available today.

  • CIO/CTO & IT consulting
    You always want to use better, less expensive, proven technology according to best practices. That means a lot of knowledge and expertise that you have an immediate access to!
  •  IT lifecycle management
    Evaluate the newest yet proven technology, find the best tools, setup/use them, maintain them, retire when they “die” or when something better/more efficient is available.
  • IT purchasing and vendor management
    There is a lot of technology available. You need to know WHAT to buy, how to configure it property, etc. We can assist! Plus, we get better deals due to our volume.
  • Upkeep and review of services & resources
    How often you review your phone bill? Are you paying for things that are on auto-charge but you stopped using them years ago? Did you let something important lapse? 
  • Quarterly meetings
    How is the technology working for your business? Any changes? “Vitals check” for the business vs. IT, periodic review.